Amazon ads strategy E-commerce is not unreasonable for a seller. Potential customers to increase sales, it is a fast way, and often more than a list of your products is shown in the Amazon. To see your product is not always easy, however. Amazon is search engine like Google, just like Google it help to pay to play.


Amazon Seller Central and sponsor products

What Amazon sponsor products are only as sound? If you are not on Amazon, you saw it all. They are very similar to the concept of Google for advertising. They text ads or banners, but not an extension of your chart.


Seller Central is your Google AdWords and Google comparison. If you have to be where your campaign and all the other things that you might think that the advertising platform. Amazon, but this time, has to be seen on AdWords. It is much more limited.

To consider when setting up a new Amazon campaign are two basic strategies (or choice). Automatically targeting and Manual targeting.


In general, something to avoid automatically determine the target on the advertising platform. Why you give platform controls will keep him?

Where there is some advantage on road towards the Amazon. Define manual tasks word is just a word that was the key to set up. Automatic means that Amazon can determine when to show your ad based on the category of your product.

Tactics and strategies

Now before I go how to access Amazon ads together I want it said there are many different ways to go about it. And there the Amazon ad types, as the seller Express, Focus Advertising and Product Display advertising to name a few.

This standard will consider as the most popular choice to pay attention to ads sponsored by traditional product advertising.

Focus on Manual Targeting but remember Automatic

My strategy is quite simple for sponsored product. Manual campaign is the way to go … by a little help from automatic campaign. Ultimate goal of your campaign settings, you must be strong full manual control over the campaign bid. Through utilizing the larger achieve of auto campaign is a good tactic.

I have already mentioned, Amazon targeting is limited. Your keywords and negative keywords: Your Guide campaign is, if you are really focused on just two. So build strong keyword list is key to success. Fortunately, the Amazon provides search report to find new keyword.

Auto campaigns come handy are not it. All set for a road campaign to build “your product”. A relatively low bid, budget, and it will run for seven days.

If you have a tiny data (seen in at least some of the sales, and the impression of a hefty amount) see export report on the search terms, and what heritage from the most impressions and sales. You made available in all campaigns should be able to find some new keywords added to your campaign manual, as well as some new negative keyword.

Keep it every few weeks. Your auto campaign will be a test basis; can grow to know you work your manual key campaign. You may submit more intense and tender sale of these drives.

Ridge tops record

There are a number of different reports that Amazon is provide. They’re not able to access interface, in particular, you will need to export them into Excel.

And Amazon auto, so you will not lose any data in the center reports a seller of the first things you should do not schedule these statements are all statements often little run.


Final thoughts

Amazon is great. People who visit there is ready to buy.  Just do things such as their general knowledge and general and Amazon, it makes it so easy. Amazon people and allows conversion rate is believed to be quite high.

However, it is very competitive for many verticals so do your due. Amazon advertising has a lot of options, but also looks into search optimization. Note that Amazon is only a search engine, which will be manipulated like as Google and Bing.

If you need help regarding Amazon ads strategy, let us know  🙂