Android Tricks

Learn some Cool Android Tricks with us… 🙂


Android Tricks


If we look back to realize what was Android few years ago, and what is now. We have a modern, powerful, with elegance and style operating system material design, and amazing performance.


Android is full of tricks, secrets, shortcuts, crannies and options that often go unnoticed for less advanced users, especially for users that have recently made the leap to the operating system for mobile devices from Google. Nobody is born an expert Android. It is the time when we discover all his bowels. That is why the most experienced users are often those who lead a couple of years using Android.


In this article we have compiled some great little tricks of Android. They are simple to perform but at the same time very practical. They solve very specific problems.


Some help save power or increase performance. Others improve safety or allow tasks faster. Sure to find a handful that you are useful.

To get you started, I started with the best advice I can give a user of Android that please install a good antivirus.


So the tricks are:


  1. Easter egg

In “Phone Info” We can also discover the famous Easter egg Android. To do this we have to press several times and quickly on “Android version” which is in About phone. Then just long-press the Lollipop logo, you will see a game where you can guide an Android logo through a forest of lollipop obstacles. It depends on what your version of android is.

Easter egg1

Easter egg2


  1. Easter egg in Chrome

Google’s browser also includes its own hidden game.  Here it is managed to dodge obstacles dinosaur that appears when you are offline.


Disconnect the WiFi and leave the Smartphone connectionless Internet

Put up Chrome and try to access a Web page

When the message informs you that you have no connection appears, touch the dinosaur to start the game. Touch the screen to jump over obstacles. A fun way to pass the time until return Internet…


  1. Developer Mode – Android Tricks


Ok, this is one of the more widely known tricks, but it’s important nonetheless, so we are going to include it.


Go to Settings > About phone and tap on your phone’s build number seven times. You’ll get an onscreen countdown, then a message will be appeared “Congratulations, you are now a developer”.

Developer Mode


  1. Backup of all Data

Backup of all Data

There is the option to make a backup of the factory data, which, once activated, use the SD card to be keeping important information. This backup is vital; without going any further, when you have the card inserted into a terminal being reset to its original settings, the system will ask if you want to restore information from the SD card without the user having to worry about anything else.


  1. Backup all your contacts


If there are data that are really relevant for users, these are the contacts. To back up the same, you only need to go to contacts list, after clicking the menu; you will see stting and there choose the option Import / Export.

Backup all your contacts

From here, it will be possible to export phone contacts or Google account. In either case, a file is obtained .vcf standard format, compatible with many applications, contact management and addresses.


  1. Special Characters – Android Tricks


It is a common one but new users need to know about it. It is only necessary to hold down a key for a moment to see a context menu with special characters. It is a quick and versatile way to access them without going into specific menus to insert symbols.

Special Characters

In addition, there are other applications for long press, in this case on the screen, interface elements or Android applications. For example, to create a new folder on your desktop, you just have to hold the screen in free zone icons and appear context menu with various options, among which are creating a new folder or add a widget to access a application or service.


Generally, long press on the screen will cause different actions depending on the application and context. For example, on Facebook , in the corresponding application, the editing option if pressed and on photo albums arises. Do not be afraid to experiment.


  1. USB Mode – Android Tricks


When an Android device connected to a computer, the operating mode of the terminal can be single charge, sync with your computer. First just see at the top of the screen you will find,


Then you will see some options. Select according to your requirement

USB Mode

  • Charging option will let your mobile charge.
  • Transfer files will let you transfer files between your phone and computer,
  • Transfer photos use to connect your mobile device to your computer as a camera.
  • MIDI use to connect MIDI device to your phone or tablet.


  1. Save battery trick – Android Tricks

If smart phones have a weak point, that is the battery life. There are so many ways to save battery.

  • The first is to disable the option that activates the data network permanently. In Settings / Wireless & networks, there is a specific option for mobile networks where the ability to disable data connections when not needed.
  • Another way to save power is by using WiFi indoors where 3G networks do not have good coverage. 3G networks are more demanding than the WiFi when consuming energy.
  • Bluetooth is almost always dispensable and there is no reason to keep active if you will not use.
  • It is also good idea to disable GPS if not resort to it and, above all, verify that the widgets on the active screen is not permanently connected to the Internet to search for data, otherwise the battery will last (literally) a few hours.


  1. Disable notifications

Send notifications apps consume resources and battery, because they are active in the background and produce a sound or activation of the screen when you receive them. You can disable them in apps that do not use much:

  • Go to Settings and the Applications.
  • Go to any app from the list and uncheck Show notification.

Disable notifications


  1. Disable Mobile Data

Disabling the Mobile Data can help to save your Smartphone battery from. You can turn of Mobile data by:

  • Going to Settings> Data Usage.
  • Disable Mobile databy toggling the setting from ON to OFF.


  1. Who eats RAM? – Android Tricks

With more than one million apps on Google Play, it is logical that many of them are not well planned: consume too much memory, not empty when they stop working, etc. Luckily, Android 6.0 includes new options for memory management.


  • Go to Settings and tap Memory

Tap Memory used by applications and check how much RAM used by each app. If you see any third – party application consumes too, find another alternative app to do the same, and Replace it.

Who eats RAM


  1. Invert the screen colors and color correction

Within the Settings menu > Accessibility >Vision and find two very curious options for controlling the screen colors. One is ‘Invert Colors’, this option gives you back the entire spectrum of colors that the screen represents. That is, we will see everything as negative of an analog photography.

screen colors

The other option is ‘Color Correction’. This is an option to help people with dichromatic color blindness (difficulty in distinguishing two colors in particular). This type of color blindness has three variants protanomaly (red-green), deuteranomaly (red-green) and tritanomaly (blue-yellow). When this option is activated the display will show the color spectrum in which colors that can confuse each type of color blindness are avoided.

Color Correction


  1. Limit of Mobile Data

To limit your mobile data

  • Go to Settings > Data Usage.
  • Set your data limit by dragging the orange.
  • Set up like when your “month” starts and ends, that’s it.


  1. Disables location – Android Tricks

Unless you need to be located, the location poses a serious risk of privacy, and also consumes power.

To disable it, go to Settings>Privacy>Location, depending on the version of Android you have and just off it.


Disables location


  1. Photo and video together

Did you know that you can take pictures while you’re recording video? It is as simple as touching the screen during recording.

The photo will be stored separately from the video itself.

Photo and video


  1. Smart Lock – Android Tricks

The procedure to enable and configure this option is as follows:


  • First enter settings > Lock screen and security > Smart Lock.

Now we see that we show three options: “Trusted Devices “, “Trusted sites” and “Trusted face”. The first option allows you to automatically disable the lock screen unlock at the time in which we connect our device to another device previously added to this list; the second option disables screen unlock in places of trust that you specify; the third and last option allows you to add a face to the list of trusted faces that, once recognized, automatically disable the screen unlock secure.

In this case, the option that interests us is “Trusted sites “, so click on it.

Then we click on the option “Add trusted site.”

Now we see that we are shown a map, and in it we have to select the place of confidence that we add to our device. We can select the direction of our house, the address of the office, the school board … in short, any place you want to be able to unlock the screen of your device without entering passwords or patterns.


  1. Turn Off Auto-Correction

Don’t you like auto correction? Turn off auto-correction for peace of mind while texting.


  • Go to Settings > Language & input.
  • Tap on Google Keyboard.
  • Select Off to Text correction.

Turn Off Auto-Correction


  1. Zoom in and out – Android Tricks

In this you can zoom in and out by triple tapping.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Magnification gestures

 Zoom in and out



  1. Use a mouse if you have a broken screen

How many of you has been broken screen? And sometimes not even react to the touch so we cannot use the terminal while the screen if lights. The solution to control your Smartphone is an OTG cable and a computer mouse.

Use a mouse

You can use your Android with a computer mouse as if your finger just need the USB adapter cable to USB port (such as having your computer) micro. Then you plug the mouse to the device a mouse pointer appears on the screen you can easily control.


  1. Forced Restart – Android Tricks

If your Smartphone is going crazy for some reason and does not respond to anything you can always give a forced reboot. Just press and hold the power button for more than 10 seconds for the device to reboot.


  1. Clear the cache without entering the recovery

If you wanted to erase the entire device cache you have to enter the recovery mode in lollipop and choose the cache wipe partition, but in Marshmallow we have an option directly in the settings menu without rebooting or pressing combinations of keys.

  • Enter Settings> Storage> Cached data, confirmed with Delete.

Clear the cache


  1. Disable automatic App Updates

Do you want to update your needed one apps only?

Then just disable it by:

  • Open Play Store and go to Settings.
  • Click on Auto-update apps.
  • Select do not auto-update apps.

You can enable it from the same way.

Disable automatic App Updates


  1. Changing Default Apps

If you want to change your default apps like Chrome etc.


  • Go to Settings > Application.
  • Then Default application
  • Clear the app you want to remove as default.

Changing Default Apps


  1. Disable Animations

Disabling animation can make your Smartphone much smoother. We have given you a tip above to get Developer Option, there you will find Transition animation scale, animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Then, turn them off.

Disable Animations


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