Apple Tricks


Is it possible to know all the hidden Apple Tricks? Of course yes, although admittedly it is very difficult. With versions behind the Apple mobile operating system accumulates many features that are not always visible, but we can try by finding them out.


Apple Tricks


With each update of iOS, it comes with new features to compatible devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod). Sometimes many users are always asking things like, “I wish I could do this? Would it be great if my iPad have that? The iPhone lacks that. ”


IOS is an operating system of a mobile, perhaps should not have many secrets, but the reality is that being a mobile OS today is no longer what it was a few years ago.

The theme of the Software has advanced so much lately that mobile operating systems accumulate hundreds of functions. Sure there are a lot do not know.


Now you don’t have to ask that, “I wish I could do this? Would it be great if my iPad have that? The iPhone lacks that. ” etc

In this article we will teach you a few Apple Tricks normally do not use because people do not know that they actually exist.


  1. Turn off the music when you fall asleep

Many of us like to listen to music before falling asleep. This practice helps to relax the mind and prepare the body to rest. However, one of the major problems that this practice entails is that if we fall asleep, the music will continue playing. With the trick that follows this will never happen to you.


After you start playing we go to Clock> Timer and define a time when you consider that you will already be asleep. After this we go to the option at the end and select Stop playing. In this way the music turns off when the timer reaches zero.

Turn off the music

Turn off the music 2


  1. Apple News – Apple Tricks

Yes, we know that one of the new features of iOS 9 is only available in the US, UK and Australia, but there is a little trick to use it in our country.

Apple News

If we make a small change by going to Settings> General>Language and region, and change your country name by the United States and then do a small restart, we will have access to Apple News by an icon that appears on your desktop.


  1. Create your own custom vibration pattern

You can not only customize your ringtones, you can also do the same with the vibration that occurs when you get a message or someone calls you on the phone so you can know who is calling you even if you have your iPhone in your pocket or silence, not great ?.


To customize the vibrations just you have to go to Settings / Sounds / and section of sounds and sequences of vibration go entering the different sections, at the top you can see the section of vibration, enter it and select Create new vibration, now you just have to go touching the screen the way you want your iPhone vibrate when you receive a new call, message etc ….


Now make the phone vibrate differently for a call from your partner or your mother, notification of an email, etc.

custom vibration pattern


  1. Large Screen

If you are someone who has chosen the largest screens in Apple, iPhone 6 or 6S Plus, iPad or pro, there will be times we will need the items on the screen or letters look bigger. To do this, we must go to Settings> Display & Brightness> Display and switch between Standard or Zoom mode. This will have less space on the screen but, in that way, we will see a larger font size, buttons, icons and other parts of the system. On the iPhone Plus we will see the same as in the iPhone 6 and iPad Pro will see the same thing on an iPad Air, proportionally. These options will be very useful for the elderly or visually impaired people.

large scr


  1. Put the phone face down to save battery

phone face down

If you put the phone screen down on the table, the panel will not turn to show notifications, so this gesture can save a few precious minutes of battery.


  1. Select several photos at once by dragging your finger

several photos at once

Very useful to delete, move or share many photos in batch. Just give select, choose one and drag with your finger to add others.


  1. Load the desktop version of a web page

desktop version

To view the desktop version of a web page that is not responsive, you can now hold the small button to update or give the appropriate button on the menu “share”.


  1. Delete all these alarms, now faster

Tell Siri to disable all alarms at once with a single command: “Delete all my alarms”.

Delete alarms


  1. Find out which app is eating up battery


Settings> Battery, now you have a little more detail on usage time consuming applications and how many minutes they spend in the background.


  1. iOS does not let you closely monitor disables frequent locations

    frequent locations

If you do not know what they are frequent locations in IOS you’ll be surprised. Your iPhone knows exactly where you’ve been; how long you’ve been there and how often you go for that place. It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself if you visit this section….


Check out your frequent locations, it is an option that is not exactly easy to find, but there will split the route you get to them: Settings / Privacy / Location / System Services / frequent Locations.


There you can see the history of your life with the iPhone …. If you do not like your phone to record each of your movements you just have to select the frequent switch to turn them off locations.


  1. Attach any file format to an email.

file format

The update iOS now lets you include attachments in an email from an iPhone / iPod and iPad. The files must be in against your iCloud Drive space to be inserted in an email. Just double-click on the screen to bring up the tab with the “Add attachment”.


  1. Make Peek and Pop – Apple Tricks

Make Peek and Pop

Peek and pop is one of the gestures that the new iPhone implements through 3D touch. It is so named because the first pressure allows you to preview content (a web page, a photo) and the second pressure, even deeper, open the content.


  1. Disable Live Photos to save space

Live Photos

Especially useful if you have a 16GB iPhone because Live Photos make your photo gallery occupies twice. You can disable Live Photos application directly from the camera with the top button that looks like a target.


  1. Alert by camera’s LED

    camera's LED

You can enable the camera’s LED for notifications through Settings>General>Accessibility. Sometimes you need this kind of alert.


  1. Adjust the sensitivity of 3D Touch (iPhone 6s)

sensitivity of 3D Touch

Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> 3DTouch and change the option to “sensitivity” to adjust the pressure that you have to do with your finger.


  1. Hide pictures on the reel iPhone

Hide pictures

Those pictures you want to keep but don’t want to show them to others. There is a very simple way to hide from prying eyes.


Just touch and let down the thumbnail of the photo you do not want it to show and see how it goes hidden. Be careful because a folder will be created called Hidden in the area of your albums in which you can view all the photos you’ve hidden.


  1. Charge Battery Faster – Apple Tricks

If you want your iPhone to be charged faster, then just switch your iPhone to airplane mode.

Charge Battery


  1. Invert Display Colors to Browse at Night

Want to browse at night without disturbing everyone in the room?

Apple’s got you covered!

Just invert the iPhone display colors — it’s easier on the eyes and you can surf the web and email without waking your spouse and kid.

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift.

Invert Display Colors


  1. Ask Siri to show you photos

Ask Siri to show you photos of a place or a certain date with orders like “Show me photos from Utah last August.”

Ask Siri


  1. Hidden symbols – Apple Tricks

Hidden symbols

To enter symbols that do not appear in different iOS keyboards, hold down a button and see which other symbols hidden in his position.


  1. To undo or recover accidentally deleted emails or messages

    Shake the phone

Shake the phone to undo the last thing we have done is an old trick, but it does not hurt to remember. Text serves to undo or recover accidentally deleted emails or messages.


  1. Ask Siri to remind you – Apple Tricks

    ask Siri

When you’re browsing Safari, you can ask Siri to remind you to look at something later with the command “Remind me to look at this webpage at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning”.


  1. Block the contacts – Apple Tricks

    Block the contacts

Block the contacts you want to reach you no calls or text messages. To do this, go to Settings> Phone or iMessage> Contacts blocked. From here you can see who you’ve blocked and add new numbers.


  1. For malfunction, do a Reset

    do a Reset

To do this, press the top button and the center at a time for five seconds or until the phone is reset. This will erase caches, active sessions, open tabs, RAM, etc. Give your phone a deserved rest.


  1. Find your lost iPhone even without the battery

lost iPhone  

Unfortunately, if you lose your iPhone and the battery runs out, you cannot locate it. But even a hope you have left, know where it was just before running out of battery can make you find it, at least it will give a clue where to start looking …


We recommend that you enable the option to view the last location as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. To do this you just have to go to Settings / iCloud / Find My iPhone  and activate Send last location.


Once you do, whenever your iPhone is about to run out of battery, Apple will send your location and you can track it with my iPhone search App or from iCloud on your computer.