ASO – App Store Optimization

As we can see lots of new applications are coming in the world, and to achieve proper position is not an easy task. There are millions of mobile applications in the world and, for this reason, it is very important that, today, a company note implement a strategy ASO Positioning for mobile applications to achieve greater visibility over others. Well.. In this article I will Guide you about it.



What is ASO?

ASO stands for app store optimization; app store optimization performs the same functions as the SEO Web Positioning. App store optimization is the process of optimizing an app in order to get the first results appears when a user searches app stores. The more visibility you have a mobile application in the stores, the more likely to be found by users and therefore more likely to get downloads.

The main aim of app store optimization is to generate more people to find faster and easier applications are looking for, without having to go to the next page. The idea is that, once found the APP, the user does not hesitate to install and so the brand for a conversion in their favor.



SEO, as we know that it is the set of techniques that can be applied on a website so that it is positioned in the top search results on major search engines (Google)., app store optimization is responsible for positioning mobile applications, but in the virtual stores of the same (Google Play Store and App Store).

SEO factors: on-page and off-page, we must work for the SEO work, there

ASO factors: on-metadata and off-metadata, you also have to work to reach the top in App.


Factors of ASO

To start implementing a strategy app store optimization, it is important that brands take into account the main factors that any application should include objectives to achieve.



Title (App name)
  • It is recommended that the title of the application is short so that neither the user nor the search delays long time to find it.
  • It must contain at least one keyword of user interest.
  • In short should make clear what is and what is your application.
  • The limit of the description is 4000 characters; however, the text must be short to denote clarity and no mess.
  • Must be attractive to incite the user to generate a lead in favor.
  • It must be original and creative
  • Avoid white backgrounds because you can lose with other applications.
  • Hire a good designer
  • The screenshots should show attractive passages of the application. A good selection of screenshots that users will “die” for installation.
  • The reason is simple, and it is thanks to the screenshots are more likely to attract users because it is showing them how this app inside is.
Developer Name:
  • Google Play Store will give a better position to those applications that have been created by developers who have a portfolio of previous applications.
  • The old developer is also an important factor. The most senior developers have more “strength” to rank.
  • Choose the most appropriate for the application. Users also look into categories.
  • Use all relevant to the application. However, do not fill the entire title or description with them, because it can backfire.




Facilities :
  • The more facilities and faster we get, the better positioned it will be the application.
  • There are different ways to get facilities: own channels, press releases, reviews on websites / blogs, marketing campaigns app display networks, social media, influencers, email marketing, etc.
  • A more positive reviews and ratings, the higher the popularity of the application and mean that it is of good quality.
  • One of the advantages that Google Play is that the more downloads has an app get better position.
Social signals:
  • In the case of Google Play, the more +1 is the better. In the case of Apple, the more “likes” of Facebook isthe better.


Tips for positioning ASO

Once you have defined all of the above, it is important to consider some of the following tips for creating a more effective strategy:


For traffic that is generating your application not only in the virtual stores, but also on the same website application, you should use Google Analytics to analyze them separately.


It is important to research the consumer to the keywords that are used are correct and generate leads.

Then, use the analytical tools to measure if they work or not and also the level of competition that exist on these popular terms.

Online Marketing:

If an application nobody knows that it is not promoted. Therefore, it is important to use platforms like social networks to help spread the new release and explain what it is.


ASO support tools

There are tools that could facilitate the development of a strategy App Store Optimization for proper positioning. Here we are mentioning three mostly used.

Google AdWords:


One is the Google AdWords platform. This shows us what are the most relevant to users keywords are and therefore what might serve to position the apps in virtual stores.

Sensor Tower:


This platform allows us to know the number of downloads you have our application, estimated revenue that can be obtained within a certain period and shows the market trends applications.

It also provides information on the range of difficulty having an app to position the historical ranking of the keywords used and some more data.

App Snippet Preview:


One of the advantages is that App Snippet Preview lets you see how an application before being released at different online stores would. Thus, it becomes possible to modify any errors before it is released.

In addition, it is a free, easy to use and can be applied both Android and Apple.



To summarize all the above, if a person seeks to launch an application and be successful, then you should develop an App Store Optimization strategy, with the aim of the app to get a better position and that users find it quickly and easily, provided when all the recommended parameters are met.