As we know that Facebook is one of the most popular social networks around the world. With millions of users connected to each other and now it is very easy to use because of our SmartPhones. We can use facebook any time everywhere through facebook app in our phone. People are now creating their company’s page on Facebook to increase their popularity. But for that you have to work efficiently, only asking people to like it will not be helpful to you. There are some applications for Facebook that will serve to give a twist to your page which are easy and useful. The first thing we see in a facebook page is the cover and below it there are some Facebook Applications that help us to boost our page’s engagement and prioritize content that we want to display.

These Facebook Applications can be installed manually, and can be placed in the order you want to prioritize. They will give you better ROI then you could get on your own.

Facebook Applications

Now I will talk about those amazing Facebook Applications that will help to boost your page engagement.

Facebook Applications to boost Engagement



It helps to create contests, promotions and setting elements directly our Facebook page. You do not need to know anything about HTML, because this simple tool lets you go creating each of the blocks through widgets that can go moving to create what you need.

It has eight templates are fully modifiable and start using at the time you make the decision to choose the format you want. Once you choose it, you just have to go dragging each of the items you want to add and drop them where you want to locate.

Among its utilities, it allows you to put videos, links, text, or anything else you can think of for your custom tabs. To test it, it has a free trial a week for a test, and if after testing the trial convinces you, the simplest plan will cost $ 25.


Agora Pulse


AgoraPulse is a tool all in one that offers a complete package of utilities and applications to analyze statistics, manage CRM, increase the number of fans and scope of our publications on Facebook.

With them you can create contests, sweepstakes, test, etc., and are also optimized for mobile. You can manage your Facebook wall from within the tool, which allows you to have all the information in one place. You can extract information from your fans that you can insert into your campaigns email marketing.

Although not covered in this section, now with Agorapulse you can manage Twitter accounts and create monthly activity reports. If you are an agency or even a freelance, who manages Agorapulse rates are very reasonable: 29 $, 49 $ and 99 $ per month depending on the number of pages with which you work. Also, you can always sign up and use the tool free for 15 days.




It is a tool with which you can customize your fanpage, without modifying code. Process based on widgets, allowing it to be most versatile. You can go including these widgets one on top of another, until you get the design you want. It is fully customizable and most intuitive, usually remember a little Photoshop in navigation menus.

The good thing is that short stack is completely free for Facebook pages with fewer than 25,000 fans, and gives you the ability in this free version of posting a total of 25 offers. The most comprehensive plans are available from $ 23.




It is a free application that helps you customize your Facebook page very easily. Only dragging and dropping different elements that you want to incorporate, until we have achieved the desired result. In customization, you can add photos and background graphics and colors, as well as multimedia galleries or videos.

The basic part of the application is covered with this free version, but if you want to go a little further and look for other utilities, have to hire your Premium account, which has a cost of $ 9 per month.




This platform is specially designed to add interactive content to your Facebook campaigns such as videos, calculators, infographics, quizzes etc. either through templates or design an interface type “drag and drop”. You can create campaigns focused on three objectives: lead generation, conversion or content creation.

Snap App does not display prices on your website, you must request a demonstration to access rates. You can request for a free demo from the website to see how it works.




It is an application that helps us to create promotions in our fanpage. It is accessed from logging onto Facebook. It has plenty of customization. It has up to 6 types of promotions where we can incorporate from a photo, a video, and audio or even create a promotion for Instagram. You can try it free for 7 days.

Once you select the type of promotion you want to make, it lets you choose where you want to publish, if only the social network, or also on the web or blog.




This platform is very simple to develop promotions, contests and viral photos with the aim of strengthening the commitment and customer loyalty Advantage: Provides a dynamic format Disadvantage: Templates are too simple. Its price range starts from $ 29.00 to $ 99.00 per month. This add-on allows develop three types of competitions: random drawings, quizzes and photo contests.


Social Baker Analytics/EdgeRank Checker


This supplement social baker tool analyzes in depth of your Facebook page and shows all kinds of graphs of the results, for example, a heat map showing the hours and days where your fans are online. The only thing is that the Free Trial lasts 14 days, and then you have to pay. Its price range starts from 25$.


Facebook Page Barometer


Do you want to make quick check your Facebook page health and see how it compares to others of the same type? This tool lets you view and compare your reach, engagement, interaction  and more. The results are classified according to the size of the pages: less than 1000 fans, between 1000 and 5000, from 10,000 to 50,000, from 50,000 to 100,000 and 100,000. It is free tool.


AgoraPulse Contest


Make contests with surveys on the wall of your page is a very useful resource to increase engagement, but the vote count and “I like you” can be a real nuisance. This tool makes life easier by helping to create raffles, quizzes and photo contests.


Conversation Score


With Conversation Score you can discover the degree of commitment and influence by simply entering the URL of your contest or Facebook page. It offers real-time data. Its negative point is If your competition is inside a tab on your Facebook page, you cannot analyze it.




Tabsite is an application that lets you create custom tabs where you can make contests, offers or publish other social channels.

In his version free you can create two tabs on one page, but it gives you the option to create from competitions, applications to capture leads, video and photo applications, or applications to your social networks. It has a paid version that is available from $ 10 per month.




This tool is similar to Conversation Score, but its design is much more dynamic and it also offers recommendations on how to maintain the health of your contest. You can analyze your competition wherever you are. It is also free.


FanPage Karma


With FanPage Karma you will see a full report of your page, with overall results and information on the content, better days and hours, influencers, engagement, labels, comparisons with competitors. And great thing is that it is for free too.


Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics


This toos is very simple and easy. This tool strengthens segmenting your audience for competitions by 90%. Here you can find a lot of information about you and your contacts, from statistics of activity and post with more “likes” to a network map of your friends. This works as search engine for Facebook profiles.




It is an application for our fanpage, which allows us to create coupons, run sweepstakes, surveys, create a page deals, etc. It also allows customizing all the actions we do in our Facebook page. In its free version lets you create up to 10 tabs.

If you want to make a contest, discount coupons or a more complete development, the next option is the payment of $ 1 per month for Facebook pages with fewer than 100 fans.




With Postplanner You can triple the commitment to your audience through your competitions based on the search for viral issues. You can make lists for groups in it. Its price is $ 29.00 per month.




It helps us to design covers and custom tabs on Facebook , in 5 easy steps (and in less than half an hour). It also has multiple uses. From making coupons discounts, ads in campaigns Facebook Ads, contests or make promotions, and more importantly, without the need for technical knowledge.




If you are a fan of Facebook Ads, we assure you that this application will be very useful because it specializes purely in digital advertising. To facilitate your work, Qwaya offers advertising templates which will optimize the workflow and advertisements. You can have multiple accounts in Qwaya. The first month is free, then costs $ 149 monthly.




This tool specializes in retargeting (consisting of recapturing the customer) and is intended for any company, either from an SME to multinational. It is not only accessible to Facebook, but also Twitter. It offers two free weeks, and then offers 4 plans based on CPM (cost per thousand) prices range from $ 2.50 to $ 10.00.


Perfect Audience


It is very similar to the previous tool, but differs in that it can publish more than three ads at the same time and place all its analysis on a single board. They use anonymous cookies to place ads and do not share or exchange data of any kind. Prices are based on the CPM, ranging from $ 0.35 to $ 9.00.


Power Editor


This facebook app is one of the best applications to optimize your current campaign on Facebook, you can retarget your audience and make sure you are really reaching those you want to reach, that is your target audience. You do not lose sight of your target audience through it. Its price vary according to the chosen campaign on Facebook


YouTube Tab


Youtube tab is one of the ideal way to start your campaign. Your fans get easy access to your YouTube videos here. People do not have to leave the page to watch the videos, and can even make comments and share your videos from the same place.




This tool/facebook app of Australian origin is a favorite for its super usable interface and its wide variety of choices. It includes templates and images both free and paid, and never fails to incorporate new options. Just choose one piece design (poster, A4 paper, presentation, head of Facebook) and edit it with all kinds of additives, colors, fonts and more.




Another very intuitive and usable tool/facebook app that has both free and paid version ($ 33 per year). In addition to a lot of effects, stickers and templates, you’ll also find tips and tricks to improve your designs. You have no excuse not to get your inner visual!


There are so many more applications to get better engagement. Tell us about your favourite facebook app to boost engagement. 🙂