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Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is an app launched by the social network, available for iOs, Android and Windows Phone, which allows users to chat with your Facebook contacts.


facebook messenger

An extension of talks messages to mobile social network also. Many of us believe that the Facebook separates your messaging system in a separate application was something completely unnecessary.


Anyway, Facebook Messenger is here to stay and, at least, is not a completely useless tool. We cannot deny that instant messaging applications are quite useful for many users around the world who use their mobile devices to communicate.


There are multiple services and even Facebook has its own app: Facebook has recently been updated and allows not only send free messages but also the ability to make free VoIP calls type (which require WiFi or mobile data plan) that is Facebook messenger.


It is a full tool functionality adaptable to multiple platforms that incorporates improvements every day and some days ago released a web version that allows you to open the messenger directly in a browser without connecting to the traditional site Facebook.

Let us see some of its most outstanding features:

1. Chat multidevice

Facebook Messenger is nothing more than a way to continue the conversations that are taking on Facebook (messages and chat, which were already unified long) also mobile. Rather than through social network app, Messenger is a specific application for these talks. Thus, you can access the entire message history and continue chats from any device.

2. Stickers and photos

facebook messenger

As happens in Facebook chat normal version through the app can also send photos privately and encourage conversation through stickers.

3. Phone calls

phone calls

Besides being an instant messaging app, Facebook messenger also allows free calls through technology VoIP.

4. Facebook contacts and phone

Facebook contacts and phone

Messenger lets you send messages via SMS free – but – also to people who are not your friends on Facebook: just have to enter the phone number of your recipient.

5. Share location

In conversations your location will appear so that you may know from where you are sending the message. However, if you do not feel comfortable with this, you can disable this function.

share location

6. Who is available

Who is available

The app Facebook Messenger lets you know several things about your contacts: who have a specific app or who continue to access the chat from the social network, which friends are active at that time or when they last connected, and if they are in the web, on mobile or on the specific app.