Google AdWords account quarterly and semi-annual accounts audited areas to help expand the performance gap, or to increase the overall performance.

While marketing managers is to know the importance of stepping back to AdWords account control and, in many cases, it is not audited start diving at a time.

Below 13 places to change impactful through your Google-AdWords-account audit.

Conversion Tracking and Analytics Setup

Direct configuration and performance, it is important to ensure that as the performance of your Google AdWords campaign is being used to track key performance indicators are working properly before diving into setup.

1. Google AdWords conversion settings

Within the part of the interface Google AdWords Conversion tab displays all AdWords automatically set up your account. If you need to check on the status of the conversion tracking live an active and compile your Web sites that are tracking your most important KPIs.

2. Linking of Google Analytics / Google AdWords

If you are using Google Analytics to monitor active visitors on your web site and will provide is inextricably linked to your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. Properly connected to running a Google AdWords marketers can purchase and review the performance of behavior and conversion from the campaign.

He is actually working properly monitor conversion marketers are about to be able to analyze the performance of their most important KPIs campaign. It is this ability, can use the reliable conversion during the next audit Google AdWords account is vital.


If you make sure to take that into account before have found that it is not cooperating fully, or to control his conversion, making major account changes based on the conversion performance.

Campaign Settings

Physical impact in settings within individual campaign is held to feature rich. Wasted campaign level, can explore these sites to detect possible increase in expenditure or land.

3. The limited campaign budget

When it comes to find a campaign offer is limited to the most common method of control of the regular budget expenditures allocated to spend in your account.


Campaign is growing, and is limited to daily budget campaign daily budget expenditure will have no effect.

Every day to increase or down to limit the cost, one of the simplest ways to control costs is limited each day to set up the budget and consistent basis to the budget and public spending in your account.

For high-performance sport is a limited budget, expand the useful KPI has created a remarkable opportunity.

4. Device Targeting

Once the marketing campaign level device allows you to limit the expansion of other performance breakdown, or a computer, tablet, and mobile devices expenses based on performance.

Positive or negative increase the device-specific conversion to convert bid limit set by publicity or bad side when remove the devices best use of their equipment costs can be adjusted to their costs.

 5. Location Targeting

Like to follow around the concept of targeted and control objectives to provide further advertising spending on the basis of positioning to their geographical location.

Your ability to convert more land to determine the advertiser to push more of these areas of their budget, on the contrary, the location of a small handful of poor conversion rate, or the cost of a single rate can download allows you to convert is defined as the budget or even removed.


6. Ad schedule

Level location just campaign will appear on campaign performance based advertising campaign schedule adjustment tab “Ad schedule” in settings such as performance philosophy.

Tab in the advertising schedule, through advertising, press reviews, and pressure for the same account metrics in each block carved into their advertising time in the advertising schedule speed and pressing the average cost and total cost. Conversion rate and the market, “the most valuable KPIs on the effectiveness of these measures, with conversion-based measurements, such as the conversion points per cost-effective operation.


Individual as a bidding option available for locations and devices, your ad schedule further manipulated aspects of high-performance day’s advantages.

7. Delivery Method

Undertook to ensure that the campaign is mainly will be advertising itself overlooked unsure of its capabilities. If you are limited to more clicks and conversion opportunities to impress your campaign can encourage “Expedited”, “Standard” to move to daily budget is looking to spend within the framework of the campaign, etc.

Organized a campaign / Ad Group Structure

After combing, in the direction of the determination by the appropriate active in your campaign settings, we paint ad groups within each campaign can be transferred to our attention. It really comes into its own ad group structure within the organization of a campaign.

8. In a campaign the performance of individual ad groups

Each part of your active campaigns to monitor the overall performance of each individual ad group may also include a campaign to reorganize the opportunity needed. This analysis is particularly limited campaign a daily budget.

Let’s take an example.

Advertising campaigns of the five active groups below, all of them owned by clicking the different size and efficiency levels impressions based on key management within each ad group, and automatically collect.


Personal data suggest that it is clear to see that marked both the advertising campaign highlighting the average group size and the efficiency levels of red converts. He said, the same ad group only because all the other poor performing ad share the same daily budget group spent 33% of the group total advertising costs.

In this example, this campaign is to remove poorly performing ad groups and provide them opportunities to put them into a brand new campaign, more performing. Average higher than average and the lower part of the campaign ad groups scatter market ad group to determine both academically and provide further opportunity to control their costs.

9. The ad group relevancy

Be independent of subjectivity from within each ad group keywords, ad copy, consult the final URL landing pages is important. In general, these three segments affect the quality will make your ad points higher your quality score.

Each ad group should contain all the key central themes linked back to a single topic pages, ads and landing. If you are not able to identify a topic that your ad group, these three segments (keywords, ads and landing pages) should probably broken in small groups.

Advertising and Ad Extensions

10. Active ads in each ad group

Actively advertising the number and performance of these ads affect how the general performance of the ad group. Over time, as we add more advertising options and test information as a group in the ad group will adversely affect the number of active running ads advertising performance.

In general, try to stick 2-3 by active advertising by that time. And still be small, that A / B test your ad copy. Active wear too much advertising is difficult to complete in a single ad group, feeling very thin, and the final check.

In addition, can have a significant impact on click through simple things such as used throughout, right Statute case. They should therefore be clear, professional search result to be sure that your ad in the correct format.

11. The use of relevant ad extensions

Check the advertiser’s KPIs, and make sure that on the basis of the business model and is used for all relevant ad extensions.

Ad Extensions lower average CPCs, in addition to a more relevant ad extensions can lead to higher CTRs and conversion rates, so do factor into your Ad Rank.

Not even every Ad extension of good business. There is Understanding Ad Extensions effectively guide your work here can help drive your KPIs and ineffective.


12. Keyword match types

Active in each ad group, and it should only appear on keyword performance, not individual, performance, however, keyword match types are grouped together. Keyword match type has its own advantages and disadvantages of each.

Exact match keyword from the amount normally to create the highest conversion rate, but usually searched. Broad match keywords, and also can be a testing flow for you and bring it to the top level of comments and no pressure KPI metrics driving costs increase your web site.

Analyze a match type performance cannot drive the letter of law when determine keyword match type, further information can help to guide keyword strategy.

13. Search term report

Search name in your ad group reviewed term report will help both the key word battery optimizations.


  1. Your keyword key is not to be found in the list of key words and phrases to convert. Yes, populating people already in your ad requests, but your keyword list to add those keywords which are likely to be settled in your ad will rise in the search.
  2. To find the best way to add additional negative keywords to your list of negative keywords. Key added applies to your negative list and advertising costs on the poor quality and flow converter can be kept low.

It can be a great way to find local pockets slim stepping back on a normal base your Google AdWords account and audits to expand cost-effective. When you start to be objective audit AdWords account, but it does not need to do it once. 13 reports and strategies, and the use of here mentioned optimization; marketers will make way through the audit rates that meet their expectations and needs.

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