Google Shopping (or the product listing ads) the use of e-business tools as product feeds to determine basic tasks. The most common key to advertise is starting off this AdWords paid search platforms to reach their respective audiences from keyword targeting.

The product feeds contains information about its products, such as price, availability and brand etc. The most liable your products will reach a relevant audience. Your ad more reaches shopper looks for your product your chance will be more to improve not only in engagement but conversion rate.


Optimize your products feed to meet the requirements of Google is first step. But Google-Shopping centers are not equal perfect to get green light. To ensure your food products fine represents your product, you are additional steps that can be (and should be).

First, the basics

To develop your first feed is also a simple or a big pain. The most common e-commerce platforms are simply a product can automatically feed and exports are expected to provide Google parameters. Over time when a product is changing that is easier (such as price, color, etc.) This is the best choice for most businesses.

Depending on your CMS and the size of products catalog and hand can be useful to create a spreadsheet of product feed. This is the only effective option for small businesses.

Different attributes are requiring for your feed it depends on that what you sell. Follow this table for detailed summary of required attributes to categorize items.

For example, with such a mobile phone charger with the following characteristics of your product feed is required:

  • ID
  • MPN
  • title
  • Product information
  • Product
  • Google-products
  • Product Link
  • Picture Association
  • conditions
  • willingness
  • Price
  • GTIN (if available)
  • brand

If the product is in multiple colors, materials, sizes, there are additional attributes required.

How to optimize

The purpose of this post is not to help, but you just meet the specifications. Google to help you there are tons of articles that help you if you have any trouble. Also, you can always call to help AdWords from its help number and get help from it.

If you want to strengthen your product feed targeting, reach grow and cost low, there are some attributes of attention.

  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Product

These three attributes are your friends. Google uses them to determine to show your ad when these qualities of flexibility provides a tremendous opportunity.

Must be defined! This keyword stuffing does not mean that, but what does it mean that the language can be used to search for your customers. As look for product type is an example.

Product is similar to classes, but fewer restrictions on Google products. Your Google-products, such as to the legal classification to be Google-product niches. An online you supports goods store. One of your products can be a baseball catcher glove. using Google’s taxonomy, that described the product such as:

Sporting Goods> Athletics> baseball and softball> baseball and softball gloves and mitts



But “because the type of product” is not limited taxonomic you one step can be improved further, and said:

Sporting Goods> Athletics> Baseball> Baseball gloves> Catchers Gloves> Leather Catcher’s glove> Wilson Leather catcher’s Gloves

You can do whatever you want, to help explain Google that what actually your products is. For example, if someone while search Wilson Catcher gloves they can improve access to their products, to search like “baseball glove” looking for specific products to reduce the impression of a more general search such as because they are very likely.

This is only one example, however, but it the lesson is also in descriptive. This is to determine your goals, this is targeting. Don’t think that Google will understand your product only with one word when you can use more to tell a better story. You tell a better story edit any or all attributes.

Other recommendations

There are few more things which help in your performance to build your feed stronger.

  • Inconsistencies hurt the conversion rates and its result could be suspension from Goggle so keep your feed update with all info.
  • Make sure your shopping comparing will be well structured in AdWords with organize product grouping so you strategically bid on product groups.
  • Add negative keywords to improve targeting and make sure that your search query report will analyze the relevancy of traffic.

If you are more used to traditional advertising it can be a little counter intuitive for Google-shopping optimization. But this does not mean that you have no way to improve performance. You just have to work and need time with your CMS or manual feeding.

If you have additional questions about Google Shopping where you start, let us know  😆