Squarespace – A New Horizon in Web Design

square spaceExplaining what Squarespace is with few words is a complicated task. Not because they offer a totally specialized service we had not seen so far (in some respects resembles Blogger or WordPress.com), but because it brings itself a number of aspects that many bloggers commonly used.

While other options we are forced to engage the different hosting services, design, etc. separately. It offers the possibility of doing it all in a single platform and with an ease that so far few competitors offer.

In this article we will try to do a thorough analysis so that you know what these possibilities are, which are many and very interesting.

Editor style and design templates

It provides over 30 templates each with a unique design and structure. All templates follow current trends design of large images and text clear and modern typography.

Additionally templates can be modified in its entirety, from the space between the titles on the menu, the font color to each block area and on the website

Another advantage of Square space, the sidebar allows you to select specific items and these appear in a pre-screen display where you can make changes.

square space template

For people who work directly in the development of web pages is an advantage that It works with Google and Type kit fonts, which immensely the range of text font options.

It offers templates in various categories, which can be classified to help you find the template that can best suit your site needs. The categories are

  • Blogging
  • Business
  • Wallets

Each template features a unique design, and some offer unique features. For example, the template Avenue uses the index function in Content Manager to automatically create an overview of the pages contained in the index. Then you can use this summary with thumbnail images that link to each page.


All templates have a corresponding sample site can be seen. Square space designers have made great efforts to use real (or what appears to be real) companies, artists and professionals trace these websites. Thus, you see how a real website is constructed from a particular template.

Squarespace Blog

It is an excellent tool for building blogs (very close to WordPress) It is the advantage of ease of use, no facilities, creation of databases, or installing and updating plugins. With this web design innovation tools are available from the first moment.

Squarespace Pricing

Prices are staggered and are more or less fit the needs that everyone can find for your personal or corporate blog.

  • Personal – $16 per month
  • Business – $26 per month
  • Basic – $30 per month
  • Advanced – $46 per month

If you pay annually, then the monthly costs for the five plans above work out, respectively, at $12, $18, $26 and $40.

squarespace pricing

Just do not pay only for the options of editing and viewing because It is not only that. It is also a service accommodation (and even buying domains) starting with 1 GB space and 75 GB of traffic, but that they will expand to more expensive option of 5GB and 400 traffic.

squarespace statistics

How to register for an account ?

First of all we will talk about its registration. Registration for your Squarespace account is easy. You do not need to worry about buying it, because it can create a free trial account but for 14 days after that you have to purchase it.

Registration is quick and easy, steps to create account and are as follows:

  • You reach the main page

squarespace login

  • Click the Get Started button to display the page template selection.


  • Choose a template.

The selection page template that displays all Square space templates offered, organized into three main categories: business, portfolios and blogs. You can choose to scroll through all the templates, or you can limit your search to one of the above categories. So:

  • Move your mouse over a template.
  • Click the Squarespace templates to display more information and to see some examples of customer sites that use that template.

squarespace templates

  • Do not get too caught or flustered with choosing your template. You can easily change your template after you have signed up for the free trial account.
  • When you find a template you like, click the Start button with this design.


Create your site squarespace

  • The screen to create your web site log appears.
  • Then Fill the requirements.

squarespace blog

  • Click start

Squarespace login

  • Select some site contents you want.

Squarespace Interface

  • Then select goals of your site and click next.

Square Space

  • Give it title and you are done.

Squarespace title

  • Now you can edit it as you like.

Points to Remember:

  • Provide a valid email address.

Make sure the email address is one used routinely because Square space uses this address to send important notifications about your account.

If you are creating your second, third, or forty Square space website, you can use the same email address that you used for another account Square space. You will have one less thing to remember login information, and may also be able to switch to another of its Square space accounts by clicking on the logo Square space in the Site Manager.

  • In the Password field, enter a secure password.

When creating a password, do not use the obvious choices as your account name or words square or space. And do not share your password.

Choosing a secure password is important. You can find many articles online about how to create a secure password. The best passwords are those that are a combination of words and real numbers gathered in a phrase that is neither predictable nor discernible. To check the security of your password, check out how secure is my password?

How to design a blog in Square space

To create a blog you have to go to


squarespace blog

Once created, you can drag it wherever you want within your top menu pages. If you’ve used wordpress sure you’re familiar with this way of creating menus. When you have your BLOG page placed where you want, hover over and click on the wheel and a popup window on the right will open to configure the general settings of your BLOG page.

squarespace blog in detail

You can choose the name, description, number of posts to show, personalized URL, password protection, add a miniature … And once you have set all the options for your page Blog it will create your first entry, you will see that it is not as complicated as it may seem at first. By clicking on the small arrow to the right of your page BLOG, you access the editing pane. You can create new entries by clicking on the + and see the ones you have published, scheduled or in draft form.

Click on the + and we will create our first entry. You will meet the following popup window:

squarespace blog entry



The contents of your post where you can select the title (Enter a post title), labels (tags) and categories (Categories), enable or disable comments (COMMENTS ON) and the status of your entry (draft, scheduled to review …). But the interesting thing is how to edit your entries and multiple creative, original and visual functions that you’ll find life easier and a lot. Do you see the marker that you noted in blue in the image above? Clicking there choose what you want to add. It works by modules. And some are great. Let’s see some together:

Elements in Squarespace

What do you think? You can add text, images, videos, image carousels, code, abstracts, subscriptions, calendar, search, buttons, tag clouds, purchase links and donations; show your social networks, graphic design … all at a click! Does anyone give more for so little? You can save your time and headache, it is priceless. Especially if you really want your blog to show your work, designs and more in five minutes you will have your ticket ready with 100% professional result.

In the DESIGN tab you can choose the format, transition, and drivers aligned and all at a click.

There is only saved as a draft, schedule or post your entry to start creating community around your online project. As I said at the beginning: simple, easy and very intuitive once you know the basic options to consider.

Other aspects

An interesting option is that it allows import and export of any type of content from other four services: WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type and TypePad. The best thing is that through the option Blog Importer can not only move entries and comments we already have, but It automatically handles incorporate all photos, videos or URLs of our old blog.

And to manage the contents of our social networks, we also have options? Of course It offers three native applications that work with Flickr, Twitter and RSS. In each of them can modify a large number of features, from information to show for each of these sections to the visual aspect that will each of them and just as before, with a lot of ease and without the need for technical knowledge.

Advantages of Square space

  • Short learning curve: easy to handle and be done with it.
  • Minimalist, clean, bright and different design to other platforms
  • It is very fashionable and there are many online resources to keep learning.
  • It has a cover pages (landing pages) without comparison in WordPress (let alone in Blogger).
  • Leads including a basic e-commerce solution, so that you can implement immediately store.
  • You can move your website from wordpress or blogger to squarespace.


Disadvantages of Square space

  • The design is very characteristic. I personally love but just do not happen to everyone. For example, much different from Blogger, so those using typical designs BlogSpot probably will not want to have a blog on SQ.
  • It’s not free. It is a dedicated hosting you have to pay. You also need a domain; you will also have to pay.
  • The hosting is not yours (like Blogger) but you have to pay for it (unlike Blogger).


Square space is for you if:

  • Looking for a clear, minimalist but stylish and web design.
  • You want a blog, an online store or a corporate website where your images speak for you (ideal for bloggers, restaurants, designers, photographers etc)
  • You want a practical and convenient platform to use and understand.