Frequently Asked Questions - Sitesmatrix

Frequently Asked Questions

› I would like to join the matrix, is the membership free? Will you charge me now or in the future?

Yes it’s free. The first 100,000 members will enjoy a free membership for life and they will not be charged at all even in the future.

› Why is SitesMatrix offering this service banners exchange for free? How you will benefit from this?

It’s free only for the first 100,000 members. Any new comers after that will be charged. 

› If I join the matrix can I still promote my website through other channels such as Facebook Google Yahoo and other similar channels?

Sure you can. We are helping you to promote your website through other partnered websites that joint Sitesmatrix and you could use any kind of advertisement to promote for your website other than Sitesmatrix at any point of time.

› How to add your banner into my website?

To Add Our Banner Into Your Website, you should be a registered member and you are already added your website to the

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on My Account, You will have the list of your websites.
  3. If your website is In-Active, click the next Activiate link.
  4. You will have a list of our banners code.
  5. Copy one of those banners code and Paste it in your website HTML code, in the exact place where you want to display our banner.
  6. Preview your website to make sure our banner is working fine.
  7. Once you finish back to and Click "Verify" Button.

After your website is verfied you should be able to upload your banners into

› I want to join SitesMatrix but my website dose not have a banner space?

All what you need is to copy the SitesMatrix Script in any part of your website home page, If you do not have the required skills for that, we can do that for very small fees. All we need is an FTP access to your website.

› Is there a limit of how many sites I can promote through SitesMatrix under one user ID?

There is no limit. You can add as many sites as you wish to SitesMatrix as long as you are its Admin. You can add them all under one user ID.

› When can I see results after I join the SitesMatrix? What is the time line?

SitesMatrix just started and we are promoting for the site globally in order to reach as many as we can, hopefully it will give you  good results in 3 months from the day you join the matrix.

› I am a website developer and I would like to offer my clients your services, what will be the best way to pass the message to my clients?

Simply put: SitesMatrix provide a free service to promote your clients' sites, we made a short video in main page that explains the idea of SitesMatrix, we encourage you to show it to your clients.

› Is SitesMatrix operating in specific countries?

We are operating globally all around the world and we cover most of the industries. 

Please note that pornography, adult content, and political sites will be banned from joining the matrix.

› I am not registered yet and I have a question before I join, what should I do?

Please contact us through this link   and we will reply back to you within 24 hours.

› How many sites joint SitesMatrix till now?

We will list all the sites that joint SitesMatrix in Dec 2015 for full transparency with our clients.

› Is there any obligations if I joint the SitesMatrix and discontinued at any given time?

No obligations at all.

› I submitted my banner to but I'm unable to see my banners on your website or other websites?

Your ads will be displayed on other websites based on a pre-defined banner
exchange ratio therefore it is not fixed in a particular website. You will notice
an increase in your website’s traffic over the time from different sources
which you have never advertised with. These are sites that have joint the Matrix and are giving
you free traffic around the year. As an objective third party proof, you can check your traffic sources through Google analytic.

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