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What Is Free Banner Exchange?

"Network where participating sites display banner ads in exchange for credits which are converted using a predetermined exchange rate into ads to be displayed on other sites."

Banner exchange networks can bring a potential large number of visitors. Members of large banner exchanges have the potential for their ads to be shown on thousands of other sites in the Sites Matrix Ad Network. Also, unlike simple link swaps, which are often hard-coded directly to a page, banner exchange networks allow rotation of ads among many different sites, sometimes with the benefit of sophisticated targeting, Impressions & Traffic.

Banner Ads Exchange

You Earn Credits as Exchange of lending ad space for sites matrix to allow you to display your banner ads on other sites in the network. The amount of credits earned is a factor of how many banners are displayed on your site and the exchange rate. Exchange rate means that for every two ads shown on your site, a credit is earned to have your banner shown on another member’s site.

Free Advertising

Here at Sitesmatrix we realized there is a need of free advertising network in which every website can get benifit , we introduced the free banner exchange just register your website today and start getting unique traffic from all over the world we have already registered more then 85,000 Websites in our matrix and through banner exchange you get a lots of clicks and conversions.

Top/Best Free Banner Exchange Network


By placing our code on your site and displaying other members banners, you are earning yourself impressions credits that are then used automatically to generate Organic Quality Expressions and Clicks on Your Website.
Banner advertising is very effective because it not only drives clicks to your site, but builds your site's brand every time it's displayed.

Get Unlimited Free Traffic On Website/Blog

With Sites Matrix Free Banner Exchange you can now Generate & Get Unlimited Free Traffic on Website/Blog, Register with Sites Matrix and lend us a portion of your website to display Ads,In Return we will show your Blog/Website Banner on other Users Website, thus Generating Maximum Free Traffic to your website/blog, and its Free, Be a part of our Free Banner Exchange Program. Sit back while we work on generating good quality and organic traffic to your website/blog.

get free traffic

Advertise your Website/Blog for Free, avail the Sites Matrix Limited time Offer and Get Registered with our Free Banner Exchange Program today, Get Awesome Organic Traffic on your Website/Blog. Sites Matrix offers Instant Registeration lend us a portion of your Website/blog and Get Unlimited Organic Traffic to your Website, Monitor your Sites Analytics, and Start Making Money With Your Website in Future.

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SitesMatrix is a free website solution for website owners to promote their businesses through the web, it works like a union. The first 100,000 websites that join the matrix will enjoy a free ride for life and would get a huge traffic opportunity to their websites by Free Banner Advertising as long they will avail a banners space at their websites to sites matrix, in exchange SitesMatrix will return the favor and publish their ads in form of banners across other websites for free.


Free Banner Exchange Network

SitesMatrix Banner Exchange 


What is a Banner?

A banner is image in GIF or JPG format linked to a URL. These images are intended to attract Internet users to click on the advertising image and thus the surfer visit the website announced. The banners are the medium of choice for Internet advertising.

Banner exchange

A banner exchange is an advertising system/network for exchanging unused capacity advertising in a web, with other sites belonging to the same network. It serves to increase and multiply visits your site. By changing the advertising that you do not use or do not sell to other websites, you will get attract new visitors to your web, which in turn increase your traffic and your credits in exchange banners. That is why it is said that the visits of a Banner Exchange fed back to the exchange itself and multiply visits your site. 

Free Website Advertising

The shape of the banners has been changing and adapting throughout life, like advertising than ten years ago is not the same as today. It has also been transformed, adapting to the environment in which it operates but normally a more or less elongated and with a size ranging as that is willing to pay the company announced rectangle. They started being static and have been changing to become animated banners.

Free Banner Exchange

The use of banners on a website can help generate significant traffic to your website. Now, you do not need to go to prestigious advertising agencies to create effective banners get, especially where companies with little economic power. There are many sites online that offer the ability to create a banner for free; without the need for buying specific high-priced software like our website gives you totally free banner exchange. This free banner exchange will reach more visitors for your website. The system is operated in a fast and reliable server.

How Banner Exchange works?

A banner exchange works through impressions. An impression is the number of times a banner is displayed on a page. Generally these translate into credits banners. It consists of building mutual advertising. In your Web you have to display a banner ad on another website, meanwhile on other sites banners on your Web will be presented. The operation is very simple, for each printing sent from your Web will receive credits for your banner to be displayed on the Web some affiliated with the system user. The exchange of banners does not generate revenue, but it can be an interesting tool positioning site using free publicity.


As associated with Sitesmatrix, we must provide a chart that promotes your website as well as a space in your own pages to other site; they can display advertising corresponding promoting the respective websites of each. You will receive an HTML code to insert into your web pages from us. This code simply calls our server to the corresponding banners advertising and then that advertisement will be display. By placing our code on your site and displaying other site’s banners, you are earning yourself impressions credits which generates Organic Quality Expressions and Clicks on Your Website. You earn credits when your banner is shown to other member’s site.


That’s mean there is a work of two sites One is publisher and other is advertiser at a time and one main server that is our network, our network will work as a bridge for publisher and advertiser for free!

Who is the Ad Publisher?

A publisher is one who makes space in their site where advertiser can add their ads.

Who is the Advertiser?

An advertiser is someone who gives ads of their banners to any publisher.

If you have a website you can either be an advertiser or a publisher it’s up to you. If you want to let people see your website you will join third party, like our company that is a bridge for you. If you say that show your ads to other site then at that point you will be advertiser. But at the same time if you want to revenue your website, you will ask to put affiliate links to your website at that point you are publisher.

So it’s up to you, we are doing everything for free with total guarantee.

Banner ad Exchange

Banner Advertising is one of the most famous advertisements nowadays. This advertisement is very helpful to build your brand and increase your daily visits as well as you can get so many clicks through it. With our free banner advertising you can get a lot of traffic by exchanging banners with other sites.

We are doing banner exchange with 2, 00,000 websites already in the metrix totally free. Just you have to register your website and give us space to show the banners and we will give you the traffic.

Web Traffic

Banner exchange is great for increasing traffic, You will see improvements in Google Analytics, in your Alexa Ranks and you will be able to convert more clients, its free its worth a try ; .

But basically what is traffic??

Some call online traffic, web traffic and others calls as Internet traffic. Whatever is the name adopted we are talking about the number of visitors accessing certain page, service or application. 

Web traffic is the total amount data generated by your visitors. It depends both on the content of your page text, images and other files, as the number of visits. Imagine you have a website with a content of 10 MB and 10 users visit. If these users would see all content that has the page, the Web traffic increases by 100 MB.

The online traffic has two dimensions, an absolute and a relative.

The online traffic as an absolute value is expressed in units such as user visits or page views. When speaking of the metrics of a web or application is always taken as the reference month: monthly traffic. For example, the website of an art gallery can receive 3,000 monthly visits and have 12,000 page views per month.

But traffic is also a relative value, depending on the parameter with which to compare with: number of Internet users in a country, a region, a city, number of Internet users accessing cultural pages, number of users visiting websites galleries, number of visits they receive the websites of other galleries, etc.

The people you can reach either by direct or knowledge by third - party references. This is what is called direct traffic.

80% of new visits to a website come from search engines. It is what is known as organic or natural traffic.

Get traffic to your website/blog

How to get more traffic to your site/blog? It is really a big question to think about.

You have a website but don’t you have traffic? Or if you have traffic but not in a huge amount? If you have tried so many sources to get traffic but didn’t achieve what you want….

 So don’t worry we are here to provide you quality traffic for free. When you will join our network, you will definitely get organic traffic to your website.

We will exchange your banner, like we will show other site’s ads to your site and your site’s ads to the other site. By this you will get traffic as well as credit. Only there is a game between a code. When both of the sites will paste that code into their sites, their ads will be start running. This will create a huge amount of traffic into your sites. You don’t have to be worry or to work hard, we will work to give you unlimited organic traffic and that will be free of cost.

This network is a great way to show and expose your brand and website.

To get unlimited free traffic to your website, you just have to Register. So get registered be a part of the Largest Ad Publisher Network!

How much traffic does a website get?

There are many traffic measurement criteria; most refers to a standard time period: daily traffic, traffic weekly, monthly traffic, annual traffic, etc. To see immediate traffic growth upward or downward as a result of a promotional action is taken as reference time periods of more immediate: traffic in the last 7 days, traffic in the last 30 days.

The main traffic metrics are:

We provide you weekly update of your traffic, and that will be very unique which is totally safe and secured.

How to Promote your Website/Blog/Business for free

Many companies don’t think that promoting their business online is something beneficial. But the truth is the internet era gives great opportunity to be successful. There are so many ways to promote your websites/blog/business. Banner exchange is one of the best ways to promote your brand.

Our Banner Exchange program will help you to promote your business free and effectively. We are providing this to thousands of members and they are satisfied with our work. Advantage of joining our banner exchange program is that we are giving you a free way to get other sites to post your banner ads. We try to make our members happy and satisfied.


Banner graphics range of sizes  

Free Banner Exchange


300 x 250

Medium Rectangle

250 x 250


240 x 400

Vertical Rectangle

336 x 280

Large Rectangle

180 x 150


300 x 100

3:1 Rectangle

720 x 300


Banners and Buttons

468 x 60

Full Banner

234 x 60

Half Banner

88 x 31

Micro Bar

120 x 90

Button 1

120 x 60

Button 2

120 x 240

Vertical Banner

125 x 125

Square Button

728 x 90



160 x 600

Wide Skyscraper

120 x 600


300 x 600

Half Page Ad


We can say that being a member of our Banner Exchange Program, you will get the following benefit:

This is to trigger a face off for the current situation where you need to pay either per click or by impression to Google and Facebook to be in the top listed companies in the search engines. With huge costs attached to this process many website owners faced a difficult times to get a successful traffic to their websites at reasonable rates.

It's matter of time and SitesMatrix will take over and lead the market, join our team to make the web environment a better place to advertise at a reasonable cost.

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