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Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing or SEM?

"The Search Marketing is a concept and process of marketing that operates over the Internet in order to promote websites by increasing their traffic, visibility and increase the accessibility of sites and web pages through search engines in paid and unpaid way"




Search Marketing Includes:

SEO Search Engine Optimization:  Through it, we earn the traffic and positioning in organic process, which means that it is not paid, it is for free. It includes activities such as the analysis of keywords, content creation and optimization and link building.

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SEM Search Engine Marketing: Through it, we improve the traffic and positioning of our pages through paid advertisements.

In Search Engine Marketing you get traffic by buying ads in sponsored links of the search engines, such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads or Yahoo! It involves activities such as search keywords, ad creation and management of bids. There are so many Search Engine Marketing Companies.

Search Engine Marketing is good by providing relevant information and that users are constantly using to find products, services and content that interests them.

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SEM Breakdown & Related Terms

SEM Search Engine Marketing is marketing activity related to search engines, which would also include the SEO. Commonly known by this term campaigns pay per click, i.e., those ads on the Internet where the advertiser pays for each click on the ad. Some of the SEM related terms that are basis, listed below:

SEM References & Top Stories

At Sitesmatrix, we publish many stories about Search Engine Marketing. All the SitesMatrix posts are to guide you, so that you can derive information and knowledge from it and benefit yourself with tips and tricks. Some of the top stories regarding SEM are listed below:

SEM Guide for Newbies

Currently, the most widely used tool is evidently Google Adwords because the 95% of searches are made on Google, the undisputed king today. The other two tools are Yahoo and Bing belonging to Microsoft. Search engine marketing is a proven way to achieve business goals, such as generating sales and customer acquisition. Internet is big market seekers and the starting point of the consumer. 

·      Keyword Research in Search Engine Marketing

SEM is also called keyword marketing, allowing advertisers that their ads are placed on the page of a normal search result. Since the main way to pay the SEM campaigns is a Pay per Click Marketing. This means that advertisers pay only when users actually click on the ads. Check our articles regarding Keywords.

·      SEM Ad Auction Overview

 Google Adwords operates under a model auction. Advertisers bid for position in the paid search results.  Watch this video if you need to know how actually AdWords PPC auctions work:

Types of Paid Listings

1.   Paid placement:

In this a fee structure will be provided to client that covers an annual subscription for the pages or website to be included on a regular basis.

2.   Paid inclusion:

This means that you pay the specific search engine an annual fee for your web page to be included in their index.

3.   Shopping search:

There are so many shopping search ads campaigns, they have different payment options mostly CPC method is used. In Google you pay when shoppers click to your website.

4.   Video search ads:

In video search ads payments are according to their impressions. You pay each time your ad is shown a thousand times because of CPM.

5.   Local search ads:

In Local search ads, you will see locations in Google map. For local search ads the payment method is standard cost-per-click CPC in clicking location direction, detail and mobile clicks-to-call clicks

6.   Product listing ads:

In product listing ads you will be charged only if someone lands on your website and clicks on your ads.

PPC Advertising Pointers & References

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